Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation can be the link between sitting meditation and your daily activity. It is a wonderful initiation for beginners into the art of meditation. When you are able to practice walking meditation very well and maintain the meditative state of mind as you walk, you can apply that skill to your daily life so that you can maintain the peaceful and focused state of mind in your daily activities.

Mindful Walking Guide

Walk upright in a relaxed and dignified fashion with your spine upright and your shoulders relaxed. Let your mind be relaxed. Let all worry and sadness fall away from you as you walk. To walk slowly is not only to control the speed of the step, but is also to be mindful of slowing down the mind.

Arrive with each step in the present moment. Each moment is a new moment. Walk with no thought of “I” or “getting somewhere” other than being present here and now. If your mind wanders into thoughts of past or future, simply notice it and come back to the present.

Get the feeling of your connection to the earth when you walk. Allow your weight to sink down to feel your connection to the earth. Listen to the energy of the earth rising into your body. Just like a child kisses his mother, feel the kiss that your foot makes with the ground. Each time you place one of your feet down, imagine that you are kissing the earth, through the sole of your foot. Each time you pick up one of your feet, you can visualize that a beautiful lotus is now blossoming under each step, in the place that your foot just was.