Won Moving Meditation

Won Moving Meditation

Won Moving meditation is the awakening practice for finding our true-self by uniting mind and body, not seeing them as separate things. To govern our mind, we should have the wisdom that comes from observing the body. To use the body well, the mind should keep equanimity.

Moving Meditation helps us not to be biased by abstract philosophies or theories of meditation, and to release the physical suffering accumulated by practicing seated meditation, separating mind from body, for a long time. Having the same goal as seated meditation, Moving Meditation is the special practice of physical movement and mental movement, harmoniously, without straying or suffering. When the body is changed, through Moving Meditation, there will be a change in one’s energy. Then, physiological harmony will take place.

Furthering spiritual relaxation and inner restoration, one can recover one’s own original nature.

In contrast to exercises using tensed muscles, Moving Meditation helps not only to relax joints, muscles, organs and nerves but also to achieve mental relaxation and emancipation from attachments. When the body is overly tensed for long periods, disease may be fostered. Practicing by oneself with strong desire and attachment can cause diseases. Unlike exercise to strengthen certain parts of the body, Moving Meditation helps us to ultimately reach equanimity of mind through the wholesome balance and harmony of body, energy, and breath.

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